"All they need to do is raise the cost of living!"
―Will Salas to Sylvia Weis

Will Salas is the main protagonist of In Time. He has very little time until he saved a drunken rich man from getting murdered by street thugs, who in turn gives him a hundred years. His mother gets timed out before Will can save her. Then, he goes to New Greenwich and kidnaps the daughter of a very powerful rich man. They team up and try to fight the corrupt system while fighting a team of Time Keepers (the equivalent of the police). They try and save the world and themselves.

Will is portrayed by Justin Timberlake.

Physical Appearance

Will is a tall, handsome man with a muscular build and fair skin. He has very short, brown hair and hazel brown eyes.


  • "How long have we been friends?" to Borel
  • "A million years."
  • "Come on!"
  • "Take it."
  • "Is it stealing if it's already stolen?"
  • "A day."


Here is spoilers. So if you have not seen the movie. Turn back.
  • Will and Sylvia Weis have a romantic relationship.
  • Will's parents are both timed out.
  • Will's century got stolen by Time Keeper Raymond Leon.
  • Will used to play a game with his dad with the time.
  • Will pretended to kidnap Sylvia.
  • Will and Sylvia stole the time out of Sylvia's dad's time bank.
  • Will and Sylvia stole the million years time transfer that could cripple the time system.
  • Will is really good at gambling.
  • He saved immortal rich guy Henry Hamilton, but then Henry went and gave the century he had to Will and timed himself out.
  • His mother, Rachel Salas, was the last to time out out of his parents.
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