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The Timekeepers or Time Keepers are a police-like organization that police Time Zones like New Greenwich. They ensure order among the people and protect the wealthy and prevent the poor from Time Zones like Dayton from entering other Time Zones like New Greenwich.

A notable Timekeeper is/was Raymon Leon, who managed to escape from Dayton to New Greenwich and tried to keep others from doing the same.

In some ways, they can be seen as the opposite of the criminal faction, the Minutemen.


  • According to Fortis, the Timekeepers left him alone because he only stole from the poor people within Dayton, which gave him “boundaries”.
  • It appeared that most of the Timekeepers don’t pursue alleged criminals like how the traditional police officers do, which includes chasing them out a window or across a roof.
  • The Timekeepers' salary is very little time for anything other than themselves; Raymon claimed that they are paid very little time when he assumed that Will was going to take his time.