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An arm showing that a victim had died as a result of timing out

Being timed out is when all the time on your clock has counted to zero. Will Salas's mother Rachel Salas and Timekeeper Raymond Leon died in this way. Millions of people die in Dayton because they don't have enough time in their possession, because their time is taken by Fortis and his Minute Men, or is depleted by the increasing rises of the cost of living. But the people of New Greenwich are rich in time. So hardly anyone dies there. Will Salas and Sylvia Weis fight the corrupt system and the Timekeepers themselves to resolve this matter and ensure that everyone, rich and poor, have plenty of time to live a long life.

List of people that have timed out[]


  • While timing out is the new natural cause of death in the world of In Time, people can still die from other causes, such as murder, as when Fortis shot and killed a man, and was unable to take his time. It appears that when a person dies from murder unrelated to time theft, the time that person has on their clock "dies" with them.
    • This could also imply that people can still get sick and die from whatever sickness that caused them to die.
  • Another example, while never seen, is Will's friend, Borel, dying from drinking too much alcohol; his wife tells Will that Borel still had over nine years left on his clock before he died.