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Sylvia Weis is the main female protagonist of the movie In Time. She lives in New Greenwich. Sylvia is the daughter of the owner of Weis Timelenders, Phillipe Weis. Sylvia fell in love with Will Salas when she first saw him. She seemed to hate him when he won a card game and took years off her father's life. Then she invites him to a party at her family's mansion and eventually talks to him and asks him to dance with her. Will takes her into the backyard and finds a beach. They go swimming, but get interrupted by her father. When Sylvia hears from Time Keeper Leon that Will was a suspect of the alleged murder of Henry Hamilton, who was practically immortal, Will pretends to kidnap her. They team up and fight the corrupt time system trying to save themselves and the world.

Sylvia is portrayed by Amanda Seyfried


  • "Take the time. It's free."
  • "Told you there were bigger banks."
  • "So, help yourself to a week."
  • "He died in a fight?" (To Will after wanting to know what happened to his father)
  • "How do you win?"
  • "You don't watch."
  • "You close your eyes."
  • "Please, take me home."
  • ”So, help yourselves to take a day.”
  • ”We look cute together.”
  • ”How much do we have?”
  • ”Is it stealing if it’s already stolen?”
  • "Ladies and gentlemen."
  • "What was it like when your clock started?"
  • "I am happy to announce that Weis Timelenders is now offering interest-free loans with no payments."
  • "What about your father?"
  • "Where's your family?"
  • "This is her dress."
  • "We're prolonging their lives."
  • "I can help you get all the time you need."
  • "


ImagesCATD1U1E.jpg Here is spoilers. So if you have not seen the movie. Turn back.
  • Sylvia is rich, but had a decade of her time stolen by Fortis after getting into a car accident and knocked unconscious with Will.
  • She has a romantic relationship with Will.
  • She steals from her father, Philippe.
  • Actress Amanda Seyfried had to wear a ginger wig to play the part.
  • Sylvia is wanted along with Will; she believes they look cute together when looking at a photo of them on television.
    • At the end of the movie, the time reward for information aiding in their capture has been raised to one-hundred years.
  • She hates Fortis, but he seems to be very into her.
  • Sylvia's clock started when she was asleep, and it woke her. After which, she looked at herself in a mirror.
  • Sylvia resembles more of her grandmother, Clara, than her mother, Michelle, although her father believes she resembles her mother.