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Raymon Leon is a Timekeeper (the equivalent of a cop). Raymon lives in New Greenwich, but was born in Dayton. He figured out a way to cross the zones when he was young and he wanted to stop other people from getting out like he did. He knew Will Salas' dad. He's the kind of man who never gives up and would do anything to catch people like Will. He seems to dislike Phillipe Weis (a rich entrepreneur).

Raymon is portrayed by Irish actor Cillian Murphy.


ImagesCATD1U1E.jpg Here is spoilers. So if you have not seen the movie. Turn back.
  • Raymon keeps all his time in his car and tops up when he needs it.
  • He got shot in the arm by Sylvia Weis by accident.
  • He forgot to top up on his time and got timed out as a result.
  • He wears a trademark black longcoat and he has his hair combed back.
  • Raymon was from Dayton and figured out how to cross the Time Zones and then joined the Timekeepers to make sure that no one else got out.
  • Raymon was 75 years old prior to dying, the same age as Fortis.
  • It is unknown how Raymon was able to cross the Time Zones when he escaped Dayton.
  • He had been a Timekeeper for fifty years.


  • "Thirteen zeros. Unlucky for all."
  • "Around here, they'll kill you for a week."

  • "Trust me. No one saw anything."

  • "Follow the time."

  • "I'm Timekeeper Raymon Leon."

  • "You can't hide a hundred years in the Ghetto. You can sense when a man has a month more than he should. That time left town."

  • "Henry Hamilton was worth thousands of years. You expect me to believe that he was immortal and he wanted to die?"

  • "You are talking about justice."

  • "I only concern myself with what I can measure. Seconds, minutes, hours; I keep time."

  • "That is fascinating."

  • "Wire me my per diem."

  • "Well, I'm still walking around; and judging by the lack of dead bodies, I have to assume they are also."

  • "You'll never live to spend it."

  • "I'm afraid for you, Will. If you keep talking like him, you're going to die like him. Please, don't make your father's mistake."

  • "I believe that's the point. She doesn't appear to want to be rescued."

  • "Get out of here! Or I'll confiscate every second!"

  • "There are years that should not be there."

  • "This is where the hours and the days are."

  • "So is having a million years leave the zone."

  • "Shoot on sight! They can't leave the zone!"

  • "You can run."

  • "It's the way it has to be."
  • "He's paid them off."
  • "Doesn't he know he's hurting the people he's trying to help?"
  • "I keep time."
  • "No, it’s not illegal."
  • "It’s just rare."
  • "…To New Greenwich."
  • "Sorry to disappoint you."
  • "We don’t keep much on us."
  • "To discourage thieves like you."
  • "