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Philippe Weis is a rich entrepreneur and the father of Sylvia Weis. He is very worried about Sylvia's recklessness and wants her to be with her two guards all the time. When she gets kidnapped by Will Salas and they team up. He gets Timekeeper Raymon Leon and the others to bring Will to justice. After Will and Sylvia rob many of his time banks, he recruits more security to follow him around. Eventually, Will and Sylvia bribe their way into New Greenwich. Will infiltrates Phillipe's guards and forces them to lower their weapons after Sylvia distracts them. Will and Sylvia then take him and go up to the safe room and they steal one-million years from his safe to distribute in Dayton.


  • He has a lot of time on his hands. Pun totally intended.
  • He is not well liked by Timekeeper Raymond Leon.
  • He is the oldest character we know about in the film, he has been 25 for 85 years. That makes him 110 in real time, 5 years older than Henry Hamilton.
  • He had to recruit more security guards for himself after Sylvia and Will began disrupting the system.
  • His wife, his mother-in-law and his daughter look a lot alike.
  • He had a capsule containing one-million years in his vault.
    • He claimed it was his first million years and wouldn't be his last million years.


  • "I don't think we have had the pleasure of your company before."
  • "You must come from time."
  • "Please allow me to introduce my mother-in-law, Clara. My wife, Michelle. And my daughter, Sylvia."
  • "Sylvia, do what I say. Go with the guards."
  • "Timekeeper (Raymond). After this regrettable incident, it really isn't necessary to come in person."
  • "Thanks to you [Sylvia], I need them [security]."
  • "But the truth is, for a few to be immortal, many must die."
  • "My first million years."
  • "Won't be my last."
  • "Natural selection."
  • "Because everyone wants to live forever."