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"After I take you, I'll take her. Oh, yeah, and her time. And then I'll collect my reward for making everything right in the world."
―Fortis' future plans

Fortis was a street thug who would, along with his gang, the Minutemen. They steal as much time as they can from the citizens of Dayton. So long as they only target the lower-class citizens of Dayton, the Timekeepers will not bother them.

Fortis first appeared in the bar when Henry Hamilton attempts to spend all his years. Fortis noticed him and challenged him to a time fight. Before the fight could start, Will intervened and saved Henry. Fortis and his men lose sight of them and drive off, disappointed. 

Fortis and his Minutemen make a brief reappearance when Will and Sylvia become wanted fugitives. Fortis discovered the pair after a car crash knocks them unconscious. While the two are incapacitated, Fortis noticed Sylvia's time and steals her decade, promising to share it with his men. However, before Fortis could completely zero out Sylvia, he noticed the Timekeepers approaching, Fortis was forced to stop early, leaving Sylvia with half an hour of time left.

Eventually, through torture and murder, Fortis tracked down Will and Sylvia to a motel. Despite his upper hand, Fortis challenged Will to a time fight. During the fight, Will uses his father's strategy to let his clock nearly reach zero. Fortis and his men were distracted long enough for Will to pull out a concealed gun and shoot the guards. Will then simply waited for Fortis to time out and die.


Here is spoilers. So if you have not seen the movie. Turn back.
  • He came to the bar and tried to steal Henry Hamilton's time, but Will Salas saved the latter.
  • He mentioned he was 75 years old (the same age as Timekeeper Raymond Leon) in the film.
  • He stole Sylvia Weis's time when she was knocked out.
  • He hides from the Timekeepers and he had to leave Sylvia with a half an hour.
  • He likes Sylvia, but was planning to take her and her time (this can be seen when he was talking to Will and he tried to touch her legs).
  • He times out while strong arm-fighting with Will for his time.
  • He explains that the reason the Timekeepers leave him alone is because he steals only from his own people in Dayton, limiting his "boundaries".
  • Fortis killed a man before he could attempt taking his time, wasting the time.
  • With Fortis dead, the future of the Minutemen is unknown.


"That, sir [Henry], is a very nice watch. You mind if I try it on? I think it would suit me."
―Fortis confronting Henry Hamilton.
"Come on, I'm a old man. Turned 75 last week."
―Fortis challenging Henry to a Time fight.
"You guys wasted a gorgeous car!"
―Fortis finding Will and Sylvia
"It's like an angel fell from the sky!"
―Fortis seeing Sylvia's clock.
"I never properly thanked you [Sylvia] for your time."
"The reason the Timekeepers leave me alone is because I have boundaries. I steal from my own people."
―Fortis explaining how his unlawful behavior is enabled.
"Fortunately for you, I don't like to kill a man in cold blood. I'd do it, but I prefer not to."
―Fortis challenging Will to a time fight.
"I'm looking for whoever gave this man a month."
―Fortis looking for answers from civilians.
"What was that about? Wasted thirty days."
―Fortis upset that he killed a man before he could steal their time.
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